🎮 Road To Chrome Camo! – Starting With The SMGS 🎮 | Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer

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🎮 Road To Chrome Camo! – Starting With The SMGS 🎮 | Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer
Hows it going guys and welcome back to another call of duty ww2 stream! Today for th every 1st time i will be playing some multiplayer within call of duty ww2 because ive set up a plan to play something different every day so not only will i be doing zombies but i will also be doing a grind for chrome camo which is the super rare camo within call of duty ww2 multiplayer!

Today i will be starting with smgs and try to get them all gold making them into diamond before i move onto another catagory..i dont know any of the challenges on multiplayer withing call of duty ww2 so this is all new to me and definatly something interesting to try!

Pick a song – 5 coins (has to be copyright free)
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Get into a game of fortnite with me – 50 Coins (Per Game)
Get into an easter egg run with me 50 Coins (Per Game)
GUARENTEED Easter Egg Completion – 500 Coins (Per EE)
Instant Mod For My Channel – 5,000 Coins

There is multiple ways to earn coins….You can donate and for every 1 pound donated you get 10 coins and you can also risk it by typing !flipcoin and then how many you would like to gamble in the chat. Sponsors also get DOUBLE coins than the average person so they would gain 20 coins per pound and 20 coins every 30 mins.

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