2nd Outbreak Easter Egg Ending Cutscene – Kravchenko (Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Cutscene)

Second Outbreak Easter Egg Ending Cutscene – Kravchenko (Cold War Zombies Outbreak Cutscene)

Today, we have the Second Outbreak Easter egg ending cutscene for Black Ops Cold War Zombies in Season 4, ENJOY! 😀

Thanks to P00p clan for solving FIRST!
First team:
– https://twitter.com/caljitsu
– https://twitter.com/bench_appearo
– https://twitter.com/LM__Steve
– https://twitter.com/Greer_Galloway

Second team:
– https://twitter.com/MordheimSmore
– https://twitter.com/Flame_150
– https://twitter.com/xpljesus
– https://twitter.com/ChrisTaylor935

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