60 Second Review – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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Black Ops: Cold War could have been so much better. The multiplayer felt like old-school CoD with some of the updated feel of Modern Warfare, but the constant AK74U and sniper spam combined with heavy skill-based matchmaking turned what could have been a great multiplayer into something I can only enjoy in short bursts. A lot of people seem to love the game’s campaign, but it’s one of my least favorite in the series. It came across as a rehash of the campaign from the original Black Ops, but with weaker villains and a branching narrative in name only. The Zombies mode was the best part of the game, but as a live-service it was less than impressive. It’s a great mode with tons of stuff to grind for, but support for the mode was as infrequent as it was sporadic. Cold War could have been an amazing game with a little more time in the oven, but Activision’s insistence on yearly releases held this one back big time.

Score: 4/10

How the score works: It’s just a simple rating out of ten. A score of five is a neutral feeling. A score of ten is all positive feelings, with a score of one being all negative feelings. A score of ten doesn’t mean there aren’t small faults or bugs in the game, or features that would have been cool if they existed. It just means either those faults or bugs haven’t affected me or don’t detract from the experience in a significant way.

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