Black Ops 4: Call of Duty’s Lost Campaign

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 remains one of the most unique COD experiences to date for not only its foundation being a hint of what’s to come for the Warzone era. But, this game also is the 1st & only COD so far, to launch without a single player campaign. Over the past few years, there has been multiple hints of a 2v2 “race to the finish” experience. The past few months have involved me researching & discussing with people inside & out for who knew of this experience known as “Career”.

Leading to a week ago where I released a reddit post that’s been widely covered by Eurogamer, IGN, & many others. This video aims to be an ultimatum to present everything that was learned over these past few months. Thank you for the support & I hope you enjoy.

[0:00] Intro
[3:47] The Concept
[6:10] Blending Campaign & Multiplayer
[7:39] Level Design
[8:54] Objective Design
[11:40] Player Choice
[14:47] The Gameplay
[18:29] Narrative – World Building/Specialists
[24:54] Narrative – Story Beats
[28:47] The Side Content
[32:15] The Live Service
[33:10] The Downfall
[37:41] The Aftermath

The original Reddit Post

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