Call of Duty WW2 Secret Spots & Out of Map Glitches on Operation Husky (War Machine DLC Out of Map)

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Austin and Shane are back showing off some glitches in the new War Machine DLC for Call of Duty: WWII! This video covers everything that can be found on the new War map, Operation Husky, including Out of Map glitches, Pillars that you can phase through, and rooftops you can strafe jump on top of!

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Operation Husky (rooftop)[0:18]
Operation Husky (secret pillars)[1:09]
Operation Husky (out of map)[1:50]

More Secret Spots:

Pointe Du Hoc, Gustav Cannon, USS Texas, Sainte Marie:

Gibratlar, Gustav Cannon, Sainte Marie, Aachen and More:


Modern Warfare Remastered Secret Spots:

Core Spots!
Wet Work, Bloc and Showdown:
Ambush, Overgrown and Backlot:
Downpour, District and Crossfire:
Crash, Bog and Vacant:
Stock Maps Volume II: