COD WWII WAS UPDATED! New Leaks, Early Gameplay & Details Revealed, more info to come!

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Call of Duty WWII is now playable for those who have it early. While I try to keep my videos relatively spoiler free, the links below will definitely contain spoilers should you click them. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! November 3rd can’t come quick enough 😀
• Well Played, Sledgehammer Games
• Let’s Have a Discussion About COD WWII…

• Campaign Details (from someone who has already beat it)

• Multiplayer Details and Gameplay (WARNING, will likely be removed)
London Docks Gameplay:
Gustav Cannon Gameplay:
Camos and Reticles:

• Zombies Information
Zombies Gameplay (Both Maps)
Zombies 2nd Map Discussion:
Leaked Zombies images (featuring potential spoilers):

•Call of Duty 1 Gameplay
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