DrDisrespect Shows Activision Why He’s About To UNINSTALL COD Warzone! (Intense Game!)

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00:08 intro
1:33 Warzone Deagle only mode!
2:06 Hali is in the house! + Game 1 (incl. aim assist rage)
2:36 New PC?
3:28 Burst weapons galore + NZXT roast lol!
4:52 Doc’s weird PC setup lol
6:05 Sniper action + one SICK snipe! + hilarious moment LOL!
8:36 What sucks about solos! (loadouts)
9:09 a lucky bounty location!
10:02 Doc is too cautious about RPGs lol + nice snipe by the hunted
11:18 LOL + dead + aim assist rage!
12:34 lol
13:08 Fadeaway shot + game 2 (incl. almost uninstalling)
13:37 already shot at!
14:21 Armor delay rant!
15:12 1st kill + playing sweaty
16:29 sniper action + headshot didn’t register! + clip that!! (slow replay later!)
17:18 RPG party + LOL! + redneck Doc
18:35 Nice snipe! + dead + Gulag
19:59 Going stealth
21:47 Back to sniping + riot shield! + Doc was right! + rage quit, almost uninstall & watching replay!

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