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New modern warfare update 1.23 UPDATE GRAU & MP5 NERF! 200 Warzone Players – 1.23 Update COD MW
CR-56 AMAX aka Galil assault rifle gameplay
Vector smg gameplay

Can’t wait for cod modern warfare season 4

Waiting for call of duty modern warfare battle royale warzone multiplayer gameplay
Call of Duty Modern Warfare and cod MW Warzone battle royale season 4 new guns new captain Price operator – battle pass season 4

Let The Warzone battle begins COD Modern Warfare Camping LIVE
Season four New Maps scrapyard COD Modern Warfare LIVE

Headset ” headphones” I use Astros A40 tournament edition
Mic – Blue snowball

Class set up Load out
Primary Weapon
Grau – attachments
1- Muzzle – Monolithic supressor
2- Barrel – 26′ Archangel
3- Underbarrel – Commando Foregrip
4- Ammo – 60 round clip
5- Rear Grip – Cronen Sniper Elite

Secondary Weapon
Barrel : Monolothic Integral supressor
Underbarrel Merc Foregrip
Ammunition 45 round mags
Rear Grip Granulated Grip Tape
Stock FTAC Collapsible

Perks 1- Cold Blooded
Perk 2 – Overkill
Perk 3 Amped

C4 & Heart Beat Sensor!! if this helped you give it a thumbs up 🙂

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