MW3 Zombies – The NEW Dark Aether Is AMAZING (Solo Vs Taoxia)


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If you’re new to my channel and aren’t too sure of what REALLY goes down here, so in short EVERY SINGLE DAY you’ll be able to hop on the YouTube app and catch me streaming or a new video posted about Call of Duty Cold War Zombies, and sometimes even Call of duty cold war multiplayer. For the most part, this is your go-to channel when it comes to anything pertaining cod bocw zombies easter eggs, and insane high round strategies. If you’ve been dying to figure out how one may complete the cold war DIE Maschine easter egg or even just something as simple as going into the dark aether realm to unlock pack a punch and do the little cold war zombies coffin dance hidden easter egg. For anyone that’s looking for a cod cold war zombies glitch, I’m not too keen on them and aren’t a big fan of taking advantage of Call of duty, but if they do become highly requested, I might be down to show y’all some glitch spots. BUT, maybe you don’t care about any of these things… maybe you just want to sit in a stream with an interactive cod bocw zombies streamer (A.K.A. me) and watch some AWESOME call of duty black ops cold war die Maschine zombies gameplay, and that’s perfectly fine too.

Also, I plan on uploading a large amount of call of duty cold war zombies guides for all the things that I just mentioned, whether it’s the coffin dance easter egg, getting the wonder weapon (the D.I.E. shockwave), or even just the basic cold war zombies first map easter egg. Currently what I’ve been doing is trying to find the best guns and class setups to use in call of duty cold war zombies, so I definitely suggest that you guys check out some of the classes that I show you periodically throughout these insanely extensive call of duty bocw zombies live streams. Today, I am gonna play Cold War Zombies and attempt the round 200 challenge. I hope you guys enjoy and be sure to subscribe and like for more streams!

So far the best weapons that I’ve found to work in black ops Cold War zombies are the ray gun when it’s packapunched as well as the die shockwave once you can all 4 ammo mods (D.I.E. Cyro-Emitter Wonder Wonder Ammo mod, D.I.E. Nova 5 Wonder Weapon ammo mod, the die Thermophasic Wonder Weapon ammo mod, and the D.I.E. Electrobolt Wonder Weapon Ammo Mod).

A lot of users like to come in here and ask me who my favorite call of duty zombies streamers are, and I really don’t have many, so I thought I’d give you a shortlist of the ones that matter most to me as a dedicated viewer ♥ noahj456 and his cold war zombies easter egg streams really inspired me to start streaming, Tim Hansen is also just a fricken beast, shoutout the one and only Mr.RoflWaffles and his cod zombies storyline videos because I’ve literally been watching those since I was in like 6th grade LOL, you already know we had to throw mrtlexify on this list because I absolutely love his idea/creation of the call of duty zombies video and streams. Last but surely not (even close) to least, huge shoutout to TheSmithPlays… man I saw The End video and your explanation of why you quit, and it truly is sad, I truly wish the best of luck to you, you are yet another call of duty zombies content creator that actually inspired me since I was 12-13 years old and just a call of duty multiplayer and zombies fan, it’s really sad to see you go, but I 100% understand why you feel the way you do, you’re going to do great things outside of the call of duty zombies community on YouTube and I just know it.

For the most part on this channel, I really hope to be able to bring y’all the best live streams and videos pertaining to call of duty zombies and all the ins and outs of black ops 3 zombies, black ops 2 zombies, black ops 1 zombies etc. So if you’re really to learn how to do the easter eggs on all the cod zombies maps, no matter the Treyarch game, then be sure to drop a like RIGHT NOW and subscribe to my channel.

I’m going to be sure to grind and improve on my zombies skills solely for the purpose of your entertainment.