My Trip to Sledgehammer Games – Call of Duty WWII: The War Machine [DLC 2 Early Gameplay]

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Last week, I was invited out to Sledgehammer Games’ studio in San Francisco to capture footage of DLC 2 “The War Machine” early! Massive thanks to Activision for paying for my flight, hotel and providing me with early access to The War Machine DLC 2 pack!

Most of the day was spent playing the new multiplayer maps Egypt, Dunkirk and V2, along with the new War mission Operation Husky. During this time, we also got to play on the Divisions Overhaul build of the game which greatly increases Division and Loadout variety.

We also got to play the new Nazi Zombies map The Shadowed Throne for about 45 minutes and, for all of you worried about spoilers, you can rest easy. I’m fairly certain none of us figured out any Easter Egg / quest steps, obtained the new wonder weapon or even got to pack a punch.