NEW Black Ops 4 Updates, Infinity Ward EVACUATED, MW4 Leaks, BO4 50% Off, & NEW Blackout Reveal!

It has been a huge week for the Call of Duty franchise! Lots of news and updates to discuss, and this video covers a ton of stories that have come out in the past 24 hours 😀
• Operation Absolute Zero…
• New Black Ops 4 Winter Event:

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My Coverage of BO4’s Winter Event:
Black Ops 4 50% Off:
Other Video Games On Sale:
Infinity Ward Evacuated:
Dozens Of Other Threats:
(Old) Infinity Ward Leaves Activision:
(Old) Respawn Entertainment Bought by EA:
Modern Warfare 4 Leak #1:
Modern Warfare 4 Leak #2:
COD4 and MW2 Devs Return to Infinity Ward:
COD People’s Army Fake Leak:
NEW Blackout Update Coming – Camos & Custom Games:

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