*NEW* Black Ops Cold War Content is LIVE Early | Haunting Challenges, Zombies Infected & Scary LTM!

*NEW* Black Ops Cold War Content is LIVE Early | Haunting Challenges, Zombies Infected & Scary LTM!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:07 – Season 1 Of Vanguard DELAYED According to Cold War Timer?!
1:51 – NEW Map ‘Deprogram’ is The Best DLC Map Yet, But There’s a Flaw
2:49 – The Beginning Of Each Season is Beyond Sweaty.. What’s Going On
3:20 – Rambo Bundle Back for A Limited Time in Cold War & Warzone
3:45 – The Galil is BACK and Better Than Ever, Here’s My Honest Review Of It
4:54 – New Content is Out EARLY.. Insane Disciple Of Mayhem DLC Bundle
6:05 – SURPRISE Klaus Finishing Move Pet.. Maybe He’ll Be an Operator Soon
7:06 – The Ironhide Shotgun is.. Strange, Here’s My Honest Review Of It
8:11 – FREE Blueprint With Second to Last Gunfight Tournament Released
9:06 – More Halloween Nuketown Images Posted By The Press.. I Can’t Wait
9:48 – All NEW Scream Deathmatch LTM Details Releaded The Other Day
10:45 – Treyarch May Add an LTM Rotation Playlist After The End Of Season 6
10:57 – Ghostface WILL Have Custom Operator Lines & Will Narrate The Event
11:49 – Donnie Darko / Frank The Rabbit Bundle Clarifcation. I Did an Oopsie
12:15 – Call of Duty Addresses Ghostface Leak & Confirms Release Date
12:30 – FREE DLC Weapon ‘LAPA’ Confirmed to be Unlocked Through Event
13:15 – All Haunting Event Challenges For Black Ops Cold War Revealed
14:20 – All Haunting Event Challenges For ‘Ghosts Of Verdansk’ Revealed
15:35 – Zombies Infected is Returning to Cold War Multiplayer From BO4
16:26 – More Scary LTMs May Get Added to Fireteam, But Will For Outbreak
16:59 – Hackers Are NOW Using Vanguard Weapons in Warzone.. Huh
18:00 – Closing Statements

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