*NEW* Blackout ALCATRAZ MAP UPDATES!! Contracts, NEW SNIPER BUFF & MORE!! (Black Ops 4) CoD News

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Submarine and Shipwreck destinations added to Alcatraz in Blackout (PS4).
Hot Pursuit returns to Blackout on Xbox One and PC.
Barebones Objective Moshpit added on all platforms in Multiplayer.
Closed exploitable areas in Grind and Arsenal.
Improvements to Best Play and Killcam in Capture the Flag.
Restricted the Vendetta sniper rifle in Bolt-Action Barebones.
Headshots with the Vendetta are now one-shot kills.
Enabled Mastery Camos on the Locus.
Adjusted the Operator Mod damage on the S6 Stingray.
Lowered the camo unlock requirements for the Ballistic Knife.
Various performance improvements for Ground War in Blackout.
Gameplay improvements for “Labours of Hercules” Gauntlet in Zombies.

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