One of the NaughtyDog dev started teasing new PS5 controller features. Of course, we recently saw the Official PS5 reveal of the controller and Sony confirmed some PlayStation 5 controller features and this dev said the controller is gonna be really good for gaming.

Also, GameStop stores got shutdown. E3 2020 is canceled and we have an update on it that says that E3 2020 live stream will also not happen, said ESA.

We also recently got the new Modern Warfare Season 3 Update 1.19 that brought us a new season 3 battle pass, new maps, update to Call of Duty Warzone which is Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale mode. And we ended up getting quads, but there’s a new Warzone update that’s dropping soon that will also bring Duos and new Ghost Skin.

There’s also a new exclusive Warzone combat pack ready to download and I show how you can download Warzone combat pack in the video.

Lastly, MW2 Remastered multiplayer is real and will be happening soon. TheGamingRevolution leaked the fact that, Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Multiplayer is being tested and now an Activision guy is teasing MW2 Remastered Multiplayer. #PS5 #E32020 #MW2Remastered #COD #MW2


00:14 – Naughty Dog Dev tease PS5 Controller features
1:43 – PS5 Exclusive “Silent Hill” Leaked Reveal Date
2:34 – E3 2020 Cancelled Update
4:08 – GameStop Stores Shutdown
5:20 – New Warzone Update will have Duos
5:50 – Modern Warfare Season 3 New Ghost Skin
6:21 – Exclusive New Warzone Skin Download
7:08 – MW2 Remastered Multiplayer

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