Ranking All Weapons in Modern Warfare for Multiplayer/WARZONE | Season 6 Best Class Setups/Loadouts

I rank all the Weapons in MW after the Season 6 mid-season update that Came with the and New Jak 12 shotgun in the 1.28 Update in an attempt to explain the current meta and add tons of variety to the current Viable Weapon Choices in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Warzone Battle Royale.

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The “Update and News” Series is a series where I focus on all the Current or Upcoming Update or patches and Discuss News in Modern Warfare.

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I started Making Youtube Videos Specific to Call of Duty in August 2017.
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0:00 Intro/Explain That We are Ranking 59 Weapons for MP/WZ
0:38 Reminder GFuel Code is Boosted to 30% Off
0:51How I will Be Ranking the Weapons
2:15 General Ranking
3:00 AK 47 Class Setup
3:15 AN 94 Class Setup
3:22 AMAX Class Setup
3:34 AS VAL Class Setup
3:54 AUG Class Setup
4:05 General Ranking
4:26 Bizon Class Setup
4:40 General Ranking
5:37 FAL Class Setup
5:53 General Ranking
6:39 Grau Class Setup
6:50 HDR Class Setup
7:10 General Ranking
7:35 JAK12 Class Setup
7:59 General Ranking
8:03 Kar98K Class Setup
8:13 Kilo Class Setup
8:21 General Ranking
8:43 M4A1 Class Setup
8:57 General Ranking
9:09 M2 Carbine Class Setup
9:20 General Ranking
9:39 MP5 Class Setup
9:47 MP7 Class Setup
10:04 General Ranking
11:46 Ram 7 Class Setup
12:09 General Ranking
14:47 Uzi Class Setup
15:09 General Ranking
15:35 Outro


Ranking All Weapons in Modern Warfare for Multiplayer/WARZONE | Season 6 Best Class Setups/Loadouts
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