Recreate Vietnam Loadout M60 & M79 “Thumper” in Black Ops Cold War PS5 Gameplay

Recreate the Vietnam Loadout, playeing with the M60 & M79 “Thumper” in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and PS5 !!
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Playing with the M60 and the M79 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and on Playstation 5 !!

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Here the sources, if you are interested about the history of the weapon :

Timestamps :

00:00 – Bonus Clips
02:45 – Vietnam Loadout M60 & M79 Gunsmith
03:15 – Gameplay on Jungle Map, Hardpoint

Soundtracks :

CoD: Black Ops Soundtrack – Rooftops

Black Ops 2 Soundtrack: Adrenaline

Settings :

Botton Layout – Bumper Jumper Tactical Flipped
Stick Layout – Default
Left/Right Stick Min Imput Threshold – 5
Left/Right Stick Max Imput Threshold – 99
Horizontal Sensitivity – 14
Vertical Sensitivity – 14
ADS Sensitivity (High & Low Zoom) – 1.30
Aim Response – Standard
Aim Assist – Standard
Sprint Cancels Reload – Disabled
Use/Reload Behavier – Prioritize Reload/Tap
Slide Behavier – Tap
FOV – 110
Ray Tracing – Off


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