REVEAL TRAILER SOON (MW2 Remastered) or COD WW2 DLC 2? Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Talk (COD MW2r)

REVEAL TRAILER SOON! (MW2 Remastered) or COD WW2 DLC 2? Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Talk (COD MW2r).
90,9% Sure (MW2 Remastered) will have MP:

Today Activision did a live stream in which they confirmed there will be a reveal happening soon. It seems to be we will see a MW2 remaster reveal trailer this upcoming week. It’s either COD WW2 DLC 2 or Modern Warfare 2 Remastered reveal trailer.

New (MODERN WARFARE 4) Leak & No Multiplayer in MW2 Remaster!:

We got some new things that came out about Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and COD 2019 to be Modern Warfare 4. It makes perfect sense that they will Remaster MW2 and then have a Modern Warfare 3 Remastered and give us Modern Warfare 4. And recently, there has been new info about MW2 Remastered having no multiplayer. I think it will have it and here’s why.

(BO4 BETA) and Battle Royale in Black Ops 4! – BO4 Beta Info (Black Ops 4)

Black Ops 4 DLC Will BE FIRST On PS4, NOT Xbox One | Black Ops 4 Early DLC on PlayStation

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