THE NEW CROSSBOW! (Black Ops 4 Reaver C86 Crossbow)

THE NEW CROSSBOW in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4!
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The Crossbow is BACK in Black Ops 4…

…unfortunately, it’s locked away in the reserves again (SHOCKER, I KNOW LOL)

You can still have a lot of fun using the new crossbow AND ballistic knife in Sticks and Stones though, which is what I did in this video!

I did get the new Argus from my ultra weapon bribe though, so I’ll be covering that soon!

But the new crossbow in BO4 is really not all that great from first impressions; it seems more like the crossbow from Black Ops 2, and the Shadowclaw crossbow in Black Ops 3 was VERY OP

Also, I might be a little obsessed with doing the robot voice ever since Reaper was added…LOL

If you have the New Crossbow in Black Ops 4, what do you think about it? Is it unfair that there’s no new guns in the Operation Apocalypse Z contraband stream? Leave a comment letting me know! 😀

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